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design et produit

Déméton crée en respectant vos contraintes
your economical and technical constraints, and takes consummers and users expectations into account. A full study aiming at a technical product development can be devided into 5 stages :

This methodology ensures firms to increase their economical performance while cross working with all specialists needed.

N°1 : Expressing the Need // Primary study layed out from a concurrential, technical and ergonomic benchmark.

N°2 : Conceptual research // Creation and design of various product architectures.

N°3 : Concept development // Ergonomic, technical & communication axis building.

N°4 : Finalising design // FProduct architecture finish, shaping and technical workflow setting.

N°5 : Prototyping and project follow up // Technical study follow up with a research department, prototyping and pre-production follow up.

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